Self Giving Love

He began to see a universe,

with forms of life in time and space.

Speaking visions verse by verse

and bringing forth a brand new race.


What was the verse God spoke so grand,

who gave us life and all our being?

He was the very Son of Man,

all knowing and all seeing.


He also was the Son of God,

bursting forth with power and love,

whose Spirt swept the sea and sod,

and formed the swirling stars above.


Before all time his love was set.

He bound himself to all he spake.

He gave his all with no regret,

not for himself but for our sake


The One who spoke, gave us a voice

that we might also use our tongue,

that we might have the gift of choice,

even while the earth was young.


That we might choose a fallen one

was to the Father no surprise.

For when all life had just begun.

the One all knowing and all wise,


did set a corner stone of love

which cannot fail or fall away.

As surely as the heavens above

the power of love could n’er decay.


By choosing life without God’s plan

we birthed the dying days of time.

What have we done o wretched man

to lose a vision so sublime?


Apart from God all life’s a lie,

it cannot live without his breath.

When on this path we daily dye,

 to only wait a final death.


But God redeemed this wayward path

by coming down on bended knee.

But some might rather seek his wrath

and never more to be.


No, God is always breathing out.

We must inhale his life and strength,

dispelling all our fear and doubt.

His gracious mercy has no length.


The Son of God was Son of Man

to live and breathe like one of us.

He set in stone a Holy plan.

His loving arms became our truss.


He took on flesh, the flesh he made,

to show us how we are to live,

and even though we all have strayed,

 within the flesh God could forgive.


The Son of God came to his own,

The ones he fashioned by his word,

but for so many he was unknown,

his loving message never heard.


In his image, we were made,

for it reflects the heart of God.

But from that image we have strayed,

 hiding from his staff and rod.


His finished work we can receive

the blood he poured out on the tree.

If we are willing to believe,

our captive hearts can be set free.


If we are willing to embrace

the cornerstone whom God had laid,

and know that he did take our place,

the very day our lives were made,


then we may have a new beginning.

one that’s based on power and love.

There is no need to go on sinning.

for strength has come from God above.


Seeing through the eyes of God

the One who creates all things new new.

all other views are vastly flawed.

They may seem real, but are not true.


What is truth a man did ask

not knowing who was standing there.

But why should we be so downcast.

and all alone without a prayer?


Lift up your heads, O ye gates

and be ye ever lifted up.

for the Son removes those weights

and has already drank that cup


The King of Glory shall come in

Who is this One so high above

whose glory has for ever been?

He is eternal life and love,


the One who sees with holy eyes,

who’s on our lips and dwells within,

the One who’s ever good and wise,

whose truth and light have always been.


Through the blood of his own Son.

the final victory has been won.

A brand new life has now begun

and this is true for everyone


Accept the being up on high

who set himself above the Son.

then fell like lightning from the sky.

His hate brought death, but love has won.


For love chose sacrifice and pain

against the tempter and his sword.

that we might find our lives again

as written in God’s Holy Word.


But we must give ourselves in love

as did the Father from his heart,

and then his Spirit like a dove

will fall on us and not depart.


That day is near and not far off.

In fact its hear for all to claim.

We’re not defeated nor cutoff,

our victory’s in his glorious name.


Every knee will bow and tongue confess

that he who rose is Lord of all.

The One who came to love and bless

now speaks to us his upward call.

Now we’re in a brand new day.

The lies are gone. His Word is true.

Behold, the old has passed away.

and God declares all things are new.