I am glad you found my blog. I offer it to you freely, hoping that it will be of some help to you in your preaching ministry. If you are new to liturgical preaching and the use of the Revised Common Lectionary, I have offered some help in the column on the right. By pressing the topic name, you will open a full page on the subject. To get back to the blog entries, and the homilies, press the Home button on the top left position.

My primary help is to offer sample homilies that may contain points you may wish to consider for your sermons. I attempt to make the homilies ecumenical, and suitable for Evangelical, Liturgical, and Pentecostal expression of the Faith. I include myself in all three categories. I encourage you to explore each one. I particularly encourage you to consider including the Holy Communion in your Sunday worship services. That does make the service a little longer, but the blessing of God’s presence in this special way, as appointed by Jesus, is beyond measure in our Christian walk.

Navigation of the blog is fairly easy. The row of titles across the top depicts the various seasons of the Church Year. Just press the tile and you will see all the homilies posted for that particular season. As we progress in the Church Year, new homilies will be posted, in the advance of their appointed dates.

You may press a date on the calendar at the right top and it will show the homily that was provided for that date. To see the next upcoming homily, look at the entry at the top of the list for Recent Posts. This list is updated at 9:00 am each Sunday. Thus, you will see next’s Sunday’s upcoming homily, along with any homilies that have to do with Holy Days appointed for that week.

To plan further in advance, press the Lectionary Index in the right column. This will list upcoming Seasons and their homilies. Preliminary homilies are provided in many cases. These homilies may be altered when they are actually posted.

One of my seminary professors, the Rev. Dr, Reginald H. Fuller, a well-respected New Testament scholar, wrote a book titled Preaching the Lectionary which gave sermon suggestions.  It is based on the Catholic lectionary but was written for an ecumenical readership. It tracks the Revised Common Lectionary fairly well. This book has been updated and is still in print. I highly recommend it.<